Our Mission

Charging Systems Inc is the rotating electrical/charging division of ESellSimple Corporation. The company was formed in the spring of 2016 with a vision of providing quality auto parts products at fantastic prices.

Charging Systems Inc facility in SW Oklahoma city

After starting in a garage in Las Vegas, Nevada the company rapidly expanded and opened a small warehouse in south Oklahoma City in April 2017. In June 2019 the company expanded once again to its current 12000 square foot facility in SW Oklahoma City and is on the verge of further expansion.

Our Founder Bridget Toole and her vision

Bridget Toole is the founder of the company and her vision has helped it to grow at a very rapid rate due to her beliefs in fair business practice. She created the company with the idea of fast delivery, quality parts, and affordable costs and it has fueled the expansion of the rotating electrical division.

Best Prices for Starters and Alternators in Oklahoma

Charging Systems Inc boasts the best prices on Starter and alternators in the state of Oklahoma and has flourished on the national stage as the leading player in high quality starters OKC, alternators OKC, auto parts OKC, generators, automotive forklift, marine lawn garden tractors and more.

Expansion in 2020

The company will continue to expand in 2020 with a vision to add an Eastern warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina and a Western warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. Several satellite stores are also planned in places such as Omaha, Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas as the company continues to expand its footprint. Charging Systems Inc is confident it can service any and all of your rotating electrical/charging systems needs now, and in the future, and look forward to continuing to build profitable partnerships with companies and customers all over the globe.