1. Starters And Alternators In Modern Off-Road Vehicles -Tractors

    Agricultural|Tractor Starters And Alternators

    Tractors - The Prime-Movers In Agriculture :

    Familiarizing with the different types of tractors is very important as they are used in a wide range of operations. In agriculture, the tractor is a prime-mover which can be used for carrying out farm operations such as:

    • ploughing,
    • harrowing,
    • seeding,
    • Inter-cultivation,
    • harvesting,
    • transportation,
    • land leveling and
    • operating stationary machines ( irrigation pumps, threshers, chaff cutters, cane crushers, etc.)

    Difference Between Tractors And Automobiles:

    Automobile engines are generally unsuitable for tractors as they are designed for high torque and the engine is expec
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  2. Top Reasons Your Car Is Not Working Properly!

    Charging Systems- Know the top reasons why your car not working properly

    My car is Dead. . . The battery? Jumpstart. . . still not starting?

    The reason maybe…...

    If you are a regular driver for a long distance, love long drives with your family, you should have some basic knowledge of the Automobile spare parts. If your car has a particular brand of Starter and Alternator parts, you must know that there are many service centers to help you, but knowing your car’s maintenance helps tremendously.

    There are various automobile spare parts involved in the starting of a vehicle. Alternator, starter, battery, and spark plug can be considered as four key components.

    Most of us

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