Experts say, “Alternators make amps, and starters use amps. As long as there is a happy balance between amps put into the battery and amps pulled out of the battery, the battery stays charged, the vehicle starts and life is good”.
When people think of where their car’s electrical energy comes from most people think of their car battery. But it’s not the battery that provides most of your car’s electrical energy, but instead the alternator.

The Alternator:

• The alternator takes the mechanical energy of the car and turns it into electrical energy. It takes this and powers your ignition coils, engine fan, headlights, and various parts of the fuel injection system. It also powers comfort parts like your air conditioning system and radio.

• If you see signs of poor light operation, a dead battery, frequent bulb replacement, and dashboard warning lights you may be having problems with your vehicle’s alternator.

The Starter:

• Located on the back of the engine or the front of the transmission, the starter cranks the engine when the ignition switch is turned on.

• The starter uses the complete opposite energy of the alternator. It uses the electrical energy of the car and turns it into mechanical energy. This energy comes from the battery and is used to start the crankshaft turn, which gets your car moving. Checking your charging system regularly is very important because it’s not always noticeable when it fails. It can break down over time in stages. Searching For a Good Automotive Starter and alternator?

• There is a range of Spare parts and components that will suit anything from a small engine vehicle through to the largest of mining dump trucks and their spare parts including starter and alternator, and their components- brushes, bearings, regulators, rectifiers, drives, contacts, solenoids are available which are supplied from internationally recognized brands. • Johnson Electric custom engineers a wide range of AC and DC starters for engines in various applications.

• Multiple platforms are designed based on the requirements of different engine sizes and applications. Johnson Electric is the safe choice for global brand companies that demand performance leadership, high reliability, and assurance of supply.

Everybody is now used to purchase automotive parts online, but many of those e-shops are more often no specialists. So it's a good choice to purchase your product from a real specialist who offers a range of parts for Mustangs to all other brands, and services for Battery, Alternator, Starter & Electrical spare parts.

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